Featured article of Collaboration Project with DANK on LSD Magazine 

issued in April 2016

"The Queen of Neon" at 5th Base Gallery

Source: http://londonstreetartdesign.co.uk/event/29279/

Exclusive Interview "Modern Geisha" on Oddity Magazine VOL. 4

issued in January 2017

Source: http://odditymag.com/2017/01/16/oddity-magazine-volume-4/

Long Interview on The Amorist Magazine October issue 2017 

published in September 2017

Source: https://www.theamorist.co.uk/

Featured Article on Frieze Magazine May Issue 2015 -published in May 2015

Hosted by David Roberts Art Foundation

Written by Matthew McLean

Bondage Rigging by Nina Russ

Source: Frieze Magazine


Ayumi on Media

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Featured Article of Pole Dancing Geisha performance for DRAF 

on The Art Newspaper issued in February 2015

Source: http://ec2-79-125-124-178.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com/blogs/Performance-art-cross-dresses-across-London/37033

Ayumi's Collaboration Project 

Featured Interview on The Bite Magazine Issue 11

published in 2016 

Source: http://www.thebitemag.com/issue11/files/assets/basic-html/page294.html

​​NEWS!  >>>   Official teaser of short film 'afloat' starring Ayumi is now out! Ayumiが主演する短編映画「アフロート」の予告編、絶賛公開中!

Performing Artist

pole / fire / dance


Exclusive extract 'Hottest Act in London 2015' from Frieze Week Magazine 

on AnOther Magazine published in October 2015

​Source: http://www.anothermag.com/art-photography/7907/first-look-frieze-week-magazine

Japanese Rope Bondage

Photography Series 


Presented by Ayumi LaNoire

Photographer  Russell Higton 
Rope Artist   Fred Hatt
Hairstylist   Dani Metcalf
Special Assistance  Bones And Rope